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Meet Our Family

Keith & Tina Talley


Keith and Tina have always had a passion for Caddo Lake. Keith was only two weeks old when his parents first brought him out on the lake. Ever since then, he has found various ways to enjoy the lake setting. One of his favorite hobbies is speedboat racing!

Tina's grandparents owned the historic lake house pictured above that has had a rich history and even found itself on several TV shows and movies. As a child, Tina remembers fishing off the front porch of the lake house and to this day has a scar from leaning a little too far over the edge looking at a turtle. 


Together, Keith and Tina both have deep roots on Caddo Lake and they love to spend all their free time out on their boat. The water is their happy place and when they saw this property with such stunning views and access to the lake that they love, Keith and Tina knew that this was the perfect opportunity to share the gift of Caddo Lake with everyone else.

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Jax Talley


Jax is the love of Keith and Tina's life! To this day they are not sure who rescued who. In 2016 Jax became an official member of the Talley family and their lives have never been the same. 

During your stay you may see Jax roaming the grounds making sure everyone is welcomed. He loves to visit and if you want him to talk to you, ask Jax "Where is Red?"